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PATENT NO. 6377648

Barrett International Technology, Inc.

Barrett International Technology, Inc., focuses on generating ideas and developing products wherever there is a need. Barrett International Technology, Inc., is developing the CSB, a pharmaceutical prescription filling and validation machine (PATENT NO. 6377648) that speeds prescription processing and improves accuracy while being both portable and affordable.

Founder and CEO, Carolyn Barrett, has seen the need in pharmacies where the filling of prescriptions can be time consuming with potential for error. Customers can wait for lengthy times and pharmacists are often pressured working long hours in order to process prescriptions with absolute accuracy. As a result, her company is developing the CSB, an affordable and portable device that would rapidly verify and fill prescriptions. See the video below for an animation.

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The prescription filling and verification machine will provide greater speed and accuracy in filling prescriptions, and its low cost and portability will make it available to all pharmacies and medicine distribution locations, including disaster relief and military applications.

Furthermore, it makes receiving medicine from your local pharmacy easier and safer while providing convenience and relief to the pharmacists who work hard to provide you the best service.
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